In the press

At times Sunrise comes
into the spotlighte.

“An excellent performance in terms of sensitivity and specificity”

“A big step up from regular sleep trackers!”

“The device is a one-use sticky pad, perfectly comfortable on your chin”

“Sunrise Secures €6.5 Million in Funding for 3 Gram Chin Sleep Test”

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“Such clinical precision is quite new for a device that weighs only 3grams!”

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“Sleep is a critical determinant of health and well-being.”

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“Sunrise: the wearable sensor revolutionising sleep analysis”

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Supported by

Sunrise is member of the European consortium Sensapnea

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The Euro Commission supports Sunrise development (3.4Mn in blended funding in 2022)

We are happy to benefit from the continued support of the Walloon Region

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